Posts Dated Archive: November 2007

Flying over Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

I can see the outlines below of water and glaciers, and it leads me to think about global warming, water and the future of public health. I hope everyone will read the latest issue of Carolina Public Health cover to cover. It is a magnificent tour de force that highlights… Read More

A global perspective on health

I have been thinking about how subtly, imperceptibly, yet thoroughly one is transformed to take a global perspective on health. I am working with two colleagues (Drs. Karen Glanz and Vish Viswanath) who are co-editors on the 4th edition of our textbook. Sentences that are subtly U.S.-centric but never seemed… Read More

Redefining public health

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Philip Alcabes speculated that public health has become irrelevant, because it focuses almost exclusively on individuals’ health problems, has become obsessively moralistic and doesn’t address the real threats to health. The author argued that public health would be more relevant… Read More

"Monday Morning" with Dean Rimer

For months, I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of establishing a blog. It’s a significant commitment to you, the readers, and it’s no good if not kept current. But I’ve concluded that we do, indeed, have much to say to one another, so I have decided it is time… Read More