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Commencement afterglow, death by e-mail and other topics

Commencement afterglow This past week, I’ve been reviewing pictures of the School of Public Health’s commencement on our website. Thanks to Ramona DuBose for these fabulous pictures! (View pics on Flickr.) I’m struck anew by the joy and pride in the faces of our graduates (alumni!) and their families—and what… Read More

Commencement and weekend events

I hope everyone who attended commencement had a great time and that even more faculty will attend next year. For me, it was a tangible, joyful reminder of why we are an educational institution and not merely a research organization—we prepare students to change the world for the better. It’s… Read More

Students, commencement and the Button Chair exhibit

(May 4) I write while waiting for my plane to take off for Atlanta. This will be short. As our students continue to depart, those of us who remain must make the transition to the time of year when our atrium is not filled with intensely-focused students talking in animated… Read More