Posts Dated Archive: August 2008

School year off to a great start

Orientation We welcomed new students August 18th with a rousing orientation, organized by Assistant Dean Felicia Mebane, and her team. I spoke briefly, welcoming new students to the School of Public Health, noting that they have chosen a wonderful field and encouraging them to make the most of their time… Read More

Welcome back students!

Glad students are back Sunday was truly crazy in Chapel Hill, with students and families flooding Franklin Street. The excitement is palpable. Where’d the summer go? I am always invigorated when students start arriving in town and am really glad that students are back in our School. I look forward… Read More

Eek! It’s a mouse and other SPH happenings

(Sunday) It’s a mouse! (mice) First, a disclaimer. I believe in the value of mice for pre-human experiments. That being said, I don’t want mice anywhere near my office – and that’s where they are. The Dean’s Office is on the ground floor of Rosenau, and there’s been a lot… Read More

Energized by our faculty members’ research

Actually, it’s Tuesday morning. Yesterday, I told Mae Beale, who among other activities, posts my blog, that I needed a break and there wouldn’t be a blog this week. I don’t ever want to feel the blog is a duty so when I feel there’s nothing special to write I… Read More