Posts Dated Archive: November 2008

Presidents and Movies

Meeting with the Alumni Association Past Presidents Friday, I met with 10 past Presidents of the Alumni Association, dating from 1981 and the current President Jacky Rosati, PhD, MA. As people know, I don’t love meetings, but I love these kinds of meetings, because I learn about the School’s history,… Read More

Visitors from ULM and visiting the Columbus Water Works and Kannapolis

Visiting the Columbus Water Works Last week, I visited the Columbus Water Works (in Columbus, GA) which is managed by an ESE alumnus, Billy Turner, who is President of the system. It was really interesting. I was fascinated to see how biosolids are dealt with and how water is managed… Read More

Stolen computer, health care reform, football, losses and hope

A Thief in the Night—or Early Morning Someone stole my wonderful Fujitsu Lifebook, the only computer that became one with me and an essential part of my life. Friday morning, I walked into my office and immediately noticed that my docking station and computer were gone. Usually, I take my… Read More


Recently, I wrote about the importance of tolerance as we looked ahead to the end of a campaign that had become increasingly mean-spirited and divisive. We have talked about voting, and I was so proud of people across the SPH who were excited as they reported that they’d voted. It… Read More