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Holiday week

These will be my last words for 2008. It has been great to hear from people who got our holiday e-card — some were alumni who’d lost touch with the School. Welcome back! We love hearing from you. I hope you had really good holidays. And if they were muted… Read More

Holiday greetings

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni and Other Friends, It may feel like a spring day in Chapel Hill, but Christmas is just a few days away. I’ve heard from some of you in Maine, Boston and Michigan where you are enveloped in snow—much nicer (except when you lose electricity) than… Read More

Winter commencement

Commencement I just got back from attending my 4th winter commencement. Commencements are an acquired taste, and I have acquired the taste although I never enjoyed my own and ignored two out of my three graduations. Who could not love the congregation of 2600+ UNC graduates, their families and UNC… Read More