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A Week to Remember

Inauguration Day Early on January 20th, it started snowing, and the snow kept up until early afternoon. It was a beautiful snow, and it could not have come on a better day—many people were able to stay home and watch the inauguration with their friends and families. Our School of… Read More

Martin Luther King Day, Decision Time and a New Era Begins

Martin Luther King remembered The juxtaposition of Martin Luther King Day and the inauguration of Barack Obama as President is striking. I am old enough to remember King’s speeches as a charismatic minister who exhorted the country to dream of a better time, old enough to remember the horror I… Read More

New year, clean slate — practicing what we teach and inauguration day at the School

Looking at our own behavior Early Saturday morning as I was reading the New York Times, before going to the gym, I became absorbed in an article by Sam Freedman, called When Serving the Lord, Ministers Often Neglect Themselves. It was about a discovery made at the Duke Divinity School… Read More

Happy New Year!

Another year gone To paraphrase Dickens, it was a great year. It was a terrible year. And it’s over. It’s true that as one gets older, the years go faster – anyway, that’s my perception. This year raced by. On balance, it was a wonderful year for our School. It… Read More