Posts Dated Archive: June 2009

Pain in Iran; our students on the ground in India

Repression in Iran I really hate what’s happening in Iran – the Ahmadinejad regime repressing dissent and claiming victory without producing evidence to back their claims. For awhile, there was such energy in the streets. People of all ages, but especially young people, courageously protested. Tweets sprung up all over… Read More

Public health wins a big one; how to go paperless

How to be 21st century This past weekend, I spent four hours in my office sorting through the papers that had accumulated over the last two months. I whittled it down a lot but kept thinking, “I shouldn’t  accumulate this much paper.” I’d like to hear from people who’ve made… Read More

Budget woes and Worldchanging futures

Budget quandaries and quagmires I’m a bit less prompt about posting early in the week. Put it down partly to the huge investment of time that I and others are devoting to managing budget cuts. The fact that we must plan for the worst, a little less bad and slightly… Read More

Interesting reading, doing more with less, etc

Interesting reading I don’t know about you, but for the first time in my life, I absolutely cannot keep up—with the hundreds of emails every day, the journals that seem to appear before I have read the last one, the books I want to read and so much more. I’m… Read More