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Welcome back students!

Welcome back students! Welcome to our ~1050 returning students and our ~540 new students! I was so pleased to meet some of you on Saturday at the “Supporting Diversity at SPH” orientation and on Monday at the “School-wide Welcome” for new students that was organized by Assistant Dean for Students,… Read More

Health care reform and welcome back students

Health care reform — another chimera? Note: I wrote this Saturday, August 15th. When I got the papers Monday morning, front page articles splashed the news that President Obama might be willing to support a health reform plan without a public plan. It’s a huge change, but one that might… Read More

Travel, grants and the UNC Wellness Super Sprint Triathlon

Been away — a few quick thoughts Travel seems to go in batches. I’m nearing the end of three almost back-to-back trips — California, Texas and Georgia. The deans from schools of public health met in California a couple weeks ago. In the four years I have been attending the… Read More