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New Year’s blog

It’s been a very good year; it’s been an awful year.  Next year has to be better. It’s been a year of many contradictions; researchers, in general, have benefited from stimulus dollars. But declines in state funds have left many universities and the people who work for them suffering. Ours… Read More

Holiday blog—wishing you all great holidays

Saturday was a beautiful, crisp winter day in Chapel Hill, with just a hint of the light snow from the day before. Sunday was winter commencement – always fun to see the joy the event brings students and their family and friends. It was great to see public health students… Read More

Developing diversity

Developing diversity Our School must become more diverse in our faculty, staff and students. (We follow UNC-Chapel Hill definition of diversity outlined in the Diversity Plan. This includes the many kinds of structural and contextual ways in which people differ, including race/ethnicity, gender, culture and disability.) Lack of diversity is… Read More


First, thanks…. We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder Even in a difficult year, there’s a lot for which to be grateful. I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to be dean of this outstanding School, for… Read More