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We confront diversity

While we look a lot like our peer schools of public health, none of us are sufficiently diverse, particularly, in terms of minority staff, students and faculty. Most of us are in the 18-22% minority range although a few urban universities are higher. We are about 18% minority (including Asian… Read More

Requiem for health care reform?

Shock and dismay reverberated around the country last week as people took in the enormity of the impact of Martha Coakley’s Massachusetts loss. I remember sitting in my driveway very early Wednesday morning and thinking, “No way, Ted Kennedy’s seat, the year he died. It’s just not possible.” Well, it… Read More

Haiti, health reform and diversity

Haiti — a public health nightmare In the devastation of Haiti, what appears from the pictures and first person accounts, is hell on earth, a public health nightmare, a human tragedy. Yet, public health forces on the ground, along with our medical colleagues and search and rescue forces, will be… Read More