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Beyond irrational and other thoughts

Our Students Again…. Friday March 19th, we had a special session for admitted students, organized by Felicia Mebane and Sherry Rhodes. Felicia is quite a wonderful ham when given the opportunity, and Julie MacMillan, Peggy Bentley and Wizdom Hammond all did a great job of reaching out to these really… Read More

Spring beckons; loss calls

Spring comes to Chapel Hill…almost, at least for several days It feels like spring is arriving, as Carl Sandburg wrote in one of his poems, on little cat feet. I was so torn this morning—to review a School report or start cleaning out the plants on our patio and prepare… Read More

31 Years and Counting — Minority Health Conference hits a home run!

Building Community in the Age of Information: fighting health disparities in the modern world That was the title and theme of the 2010 student-run minority health conference, held February 26 at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.  The Minority Health Conference is the longest-running, largest graduate student-led conference in the… Read More