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June, Tobacco Taxes and Diversity

June is almost over. Good. It’s been too many days of 95 degree weather. Last week, my car temperature read 100 day after day. Every night, at home, I look at the plants and cringe. I weeded over the weekend, dripping with sweat but determined not to be intimidated. Eventually,… Read More

Gumbo Reflections

I finished Rupert Nacoste’s book, Making Gumbo in the University. On the one hand, UNC-Chapel Hill is far ahead of the situation he described at the university he was helping to diversify. For example, we track diversity statistics (at least, for those characteristics that can be measured), and we conduct… Read More

An important week for diversity and health disparities

I’ll be writing more about diversity Over the next few months, I’ll be writing more about diversity as we develop new approaches to increase our School’s diversity. Diversity and excellence are interwoven. Someone said to me a few weeks ago, “Aren’t you worried that if you become more diverse that… Read More

Protecting Women; Transforming Lives

I just finished reading Half the Sky. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn tell powerful stories of individual women in the developing world. Read an excerpt. These are stories of the women who survived (not always) and triumphed (sometimes) in a world that too often undervalues them. In writing about one… Read More

Remembering Those Who Served

Post-Memorial Day Thanks For many of us, it’s easy to forget the people who fight our wars. Increasingly, they fight in places we’ve never seen and for causes we might not understand or support. Those who come home unscarred,  move on. We may never even know what they did. The… Read More