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Chapel Hill welcomes new students, traffic snarls and all

Our SPH Feels Their Energy Each fall, when the new group of students arrives, energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic, it’s a major adrenaline boost for everyone here, me included. Last week was non-stop orientations. Our all-School orientation, which I wrote about last week, was the best one I’ve seen in my… Read More

Welcome students

Welcome back to our returning students! We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your summer experiences. Welcome to our new students! We were so excited to meet with you Monday morning. Chapel Hill is swarming with people, excitement and lots of animated conversations. Whatever happened to all the… Read More

Massacre in Afghanistan

Medical/dental workers slain in Afghanistan The massacre of medical and dental volunteers in the Badakhshan region of Afghanistan is horrifying and appalling. As I read stories about the dedicated individuals who donated their time to improving the health of people in Afghanistan, their loss feels very personal. I can imagine… Read More

School leads on oil spill issues, diversity

School and partners convened on oil spill I’m proud of the way Bill Gentry (Director, Certificate Programs and Lecturer, Health Policy and Management) from our School, mobilized people across UNC-Chapel Hill and beyond to talk about potential consequences of the Gulf oil spill for N.C. The public health, veterinary and… Read More