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Global universities

Share Being a global university Wildavsky’s premises I just finished Ben Wildavsky’s 2010 book, The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World. His thesis is that the global academic order is transforming in far-reaching ways (p.3), and that free trade in minds (p.5) is a fundamental part… Read More


Share It’s almost a cliché to talk about Thanksgiving and gratitude. Gratitude platitudes surround the holiday, just like the newspaper inserts for Black Friday specials. We eat too much, often remarking about it while continuing to eat (which is ironic for a society grappling with an epidemic of obesity). We… Read More

Confusing signs, top awards and recommended reading

Share Economic disconnects It is the week of Thanksgiving, and since the football game frenzy ended Saturday, it seems like an awful lot of people have left town. Days like this, clear, sunny, Carolina blue, make me very glad to live in Chapel Hill. I had to go to the… Read More

More from TEDMED: Mossberg, Mackay, and Jay Walker

Share I read Walter Mossberg’s articles every week in the Wall Street Journal. His comments about technology are common-sense and accessible. He had a very interesting piece a few weeks ago about his reasonably successful attempt to travel with his iPAD instead of his computer. (I’ve made a couple trips… Read More

Celebrating people who make a difference

Share World of Difference dinner Thursday night Thursday night was our fourth World of Difference dinner to celebrate our most generous donors. It was a wonderful evening. As I told the 200 people there—each year as I speak to the group, I realize that more of them have become friends… Read More