2011 in photos

We begin 2012 strong, innovative, positioning for the future, and blessed with some of the strongest staff, faculty, students, donors and friends anywhere.

Like much of the world, across UNC, we began 2011 under the cloud of a difficult budget situation. We spent the first half of the year planning how to keep our School great in spite of large budget cuts. We made substantial cuts, including people and positions. Our School’s leaders were compassionate when it came to ending positions but acted to keep the SPH strong.

What I (and our chairs and other leaders) spend time doing now—including planning for the future, finding resources and working hard to retain faculty and staff—will make a great difference in the kind of School we are, not just today but five and 10 years from now. This is a great School, because of our friends, donors, faculty, staff and students, and because we are part of an outstanding university. I respect and value the leadership of our School, UNC and UNC-Chapel Hill. I love my job, and I am grateful to be entrusted with it.

I won’t repeat most of what we’ve covered in news releases on our website (month-to-month summary of awards and other SPH news; top 10 most-read SPH stories). It’s an impressive compendium of achievement. Over the year, each month, our faculty members were recognized for their service, teaching and research. Our students were awarded highly competitive scholarships and awards. Staff members received significant recognition as well. Alumni were heralded for entrepreneurship, singled out for UNC’s Distinguished Alumna award and confirmed as Prime Minister of Haiti.

We were saddened and feel a deep sense of loss caused by the death of Professor Marci Campbell in December.

Here are some selected photo highlights of the year. Thanks to our faculty and staff for your intelligence, strategy, passion and commitment. Thanks to our students for trusting us with your education and giving so much of yourselves in the process. Thanks to our alumni, donors and other friends for making so much of what we do possible! Thanks to UNC leadership for supporting us and for your leadership. I am optimistic that life will improve in 2012, and that all of us, together, will do great things! Happy New Year! Barbara

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