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Forced Sterilization: The Story We’d Like to Forget

Share I was sitting in my car last Wednesday night and turned on WUNC radio. I was riveted to the car seat. The story was about North Carolina’s forced sterilizations that lasted from 1933 to 1974, after 7600 men and women had been sterilized. Elaine Riddich tearfully recounted how she had been raped… Read More

Follow-up to my 6/13 post on E coli

Share See Dean Antoine Flahault’s blog for an incisive, witty assessment of the outbreak of E coli in Germany. It is particularly interesting to get a European epidemiologic perspective on the outbreak. Read More

Faculty member in three dimensions

Share Our Biostatistics department organized a Festschrift in Fall ’09 to celebrate the career of Gary Koch, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics. Gary’s former students came from all over the world to join in the often touching events to celebrate Gary. Last Friday, Peggy Glenn and I had tea with Gary… Read More

North Carolina shamed in New York Times

Share In Germany, by June 7th,  2011, more than 370 people got sick, and 16 had died from E. coli infection, apparently caused by contamination of sprouts, a food usually associated with good eating and good health. It made me think about how we raise our food, both plants and animals…. Read More