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School starts; Irene hits

Share The new school year started great. Felicia Mebane, assistant dean for students, did a fabulous job of rousing everyone during orientation. I’m so proud of her, our student services managers, chairs, associate deans, and student leaders. We have an amazing team, and our students are fabulous. Their participation at… Read More

Rodney Dangerfield no more!

Share Last week, I shared a ride to an out-of-town airport with another woman.  In sharing backseat, we talked about our work and found some common interests. She’s a lawyer. I told her how surprised I’ve been about how often we speak to the wonderful UNC lawyers. They help us… Read More

Football is not that important! (of course, that depends on one’s perspective!)

Share There, I said it. I realize that, for a lot of people, that’s a heretical statement (especially, my friends from University of Georgia). This morning, I picked up the local paper, and there was yet another article about football. It seems inconceivable that we still are concerned about football,… Read More

Students are the only antidote for bad news

Share The news has been as enervating as day after day of 95+ degree weather. It saps and erodes energy.  Finally, last week, there was just-in-time resolution of the deficit brinksmanship game being played in Washington. But there was no celebration. The price of agreement means that, for years to… Read More

Stop bashing faculty and universities!

Share Enough is enough! I am fed up with anti-university and anti-government sentiments driving state houses across the U.S. At the recent schools of public health deans’ meeting, deans from several states talked about the amount of time they now spend documenting faculty productivity, because their states have mandated new… Read More