Posts Dated Archive: August 2012

Channeling Dean Smith

Writing as a Way of Life Today, most people in professional jobs are writers. We are writers, whether we define ourselves that way or not. Writing is at the heart of communication — oral, print and electronic. If we can’t write, we don’t come across well in talks, manuscripts, memos,… Read More

It’s about the students!

Our diversity and inclusion orientation Saturday, we continued our tradition of holding a diversity orientation session for students. We define diversity broadly, including, of course, race/ethnicity, gender and age but also sexual orientation, religious preferences, politics and other characteristics of people. It’s the melting pot of differences that make us… Read More

Student again

Signed up for Coursera I decided the only way to learn about MOOCs and new methods of teaching and learning on the Internet is to take an online course. So I signed up (and got my husband to sign up also) for History of the Internet, taught by Charles Severance,… Read More

Disappointed in Congress

I am really disappointed in the inability and/or unwillingness of Congress to act on extensions of the Bush-era tax cuts and other items. This morning’s New York Times had an article about how companies are fearful about a “fiscal cliff” and are reducing orders and making more conservative spending decisions, because they are worried… Read More

Leading schools of public health

Last week, deans of schools of public health came together for our annual summer retreat. I really value these meetings. A number of deans have become not just colleagues but friends, and I miss deans who leave their leadership roles. While we compete in some ways, such as rankings, we… Read More