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The ‘S’ Word

Sequestration: We don’t want it! Sequestration refers to automatic budget cuts of about 8.2 percent or more that will occur if Congress cannot reach a compromise on budget cuts. Fifty-one percent of Americans say that across-the-board cuts are not the right way to reduce the deficit. We cannot afford to… Read More

A message from Dean Barbara K. Rimer

This is the announcement I sent to students, faculty and staff this afternoon: Earlier today, Chancellor Holden Thorp announced that he will step down as chancellor at the end of the academic year. It is a sad day, and especially so for the chancellor and his family. Holden is committed… Read More

When good devices go bad

A bad (but not rotten) Apple made good Last weekend, I went to the Apple store Saturday night to pick up my Mac Air which had been sent to California a week earlier when the graphics card malfunctioned. I’d been without it for several days and really missed its lightness… Read More

Students ask: alumni dish advice

  Today, as part of our Welcome Back Event for students, the SPH’s Alumni Association, Student Government and Career Services organized a wonderful panel of fabulous alumni. Students asked questions, and alumni panelists answered. I was impressed by their wisdom and perspective. A few themes emerged. Whether doing an internship… Read More