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Faculty member Bob Millikan dies

Share Tragic loss Faculty member Bob Millikan passed away October 7. His death was sudden, although it followed an illness of several years. Many of us were stunned, shocked and deeply saddened. We were overcome with a great sense of loss. Full obituary: Robert Millikan, cancer researcher, gentle colleague, dies… Read More

I voted today: election special

I voted today. Please vote as soon as you are able. It’s great that we have the early voting option in N.C. and many other states. Almost no wait, choice of dates and locations – what a deal! No matter which candidates you support for President and other important offices, please… Read More

President Friday passes away on University Day

Thomas Jefferson died July 4, 1826. President Friday passed away October 12, 2012 (University Day). As the man who embodied UNC, the date was fitting. President Friday lived a full, meaningful life, and yet, his death came too soon. There was collective sadness among us as we celebrated University Day,… Read More

Learning from dental students

Saturday, I attended the Student National Dental Association Fall Impressions Program at the School of Dentistry (SOD). Rear Admiral Denise Canton, Assistant Surgeon General and Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office, spoke about Oral Health in America: Disparities and Solutions. It was an impressive program aimed at… Read More

Protecting public universities

Three big issues 1. Budget pain lingers: A new report  from the National Science Board painted a grim picture of budget cuts public universities have taken over the last several years. While we at UNC-Chapel Hill and the UNC system have felt (and feel) the pain, many states have fared much worse…. Read More