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Read my post today; then write a member of Congress

Share Sequestration again When I’ve written and talked about sequestration—deep, automatic cuts that will take place in the absence of a budget deal—people’s eyes seem to glaze over. Sequestration: it’s a ridiculous word that comes out of arcane Washington-speak. The word itself conveys obfuscation. It’s hard to follow, and hard… Read More

Cancers can be prevented

Share HPV vaccine prevents cancers As chair of the President’s Cancer Panel, I take seriously our mandated responsibility to identify barriers to achieving the nation’s potential to control cancer. Preventing cancer is the best way to assure the health of our people, and studies show that most people in the… Read More

Tone down the rhetoric

Share Value from education In a Feb. 3rd Associated Press story titled “Texas Fight Highlights Higher Ed Culture Clash,” Justin Pope asked if there is still a place for public universities, such as the universities of Michigan, Texas and California-Berkeley, that seek to compete with the world’s best. (Actually, they… Read More