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Accomplished Atlanta alumni

Move over other cities, Atlanta alumni are enthusiastic, accomplished and moving forward. It was great to catch up with alumni like Aimee Woods, who had worked in our office, and whom we still miss; Dan Gregg, who worked with me on research projects, and just acquired impressive new responsibilities; Scott… Read More

Government employees back to work

We all lost during shutdown It’s a relief that a short-term resolution to the budget crisis was reached last week. It would have been far better to have solved the problem. The idea of the U.S. defaulting on our debt is unthinkable, unimaginable and, yet, almost happened. Why did Congress… Read More

Folt Voltage

Carol Folt addressed the crowd of 2,500 assembled in Polk Place after she took the oath of office as Carolina’s 11th chancellor. Her speech was titled “Carolina Strong – Ever Fresh, Forward and for the People.” Watch the video. The first woman to serve as chancellor, she was installed on… Read More