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Mammography wars

When my husband and I had dinner with my father Saturday night, my father asked what I thought about the latest mammography report. The Canadian study, which ignited the latest firestorm after 25-year results were published recently in the British Medical Journal, was a carefully conducted trial with long-term data. The report found no statistically significant decrease in death rates among the studied groups, i.e., there was no significant benefit of mammography above that of breast exams performed by carefully trained nurses. Read More

President’s Cancer Panel releases report on HPV vaccination

Today, the President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) announces the issue of its report, Accelerating HPV Vaccine Update: Urgency for Action to Prevent Cancer. It’s the first official statement for the current PCP team that includes Owen Witte, MD, Hill Harper, JD, and me. A number of other people and organizations – listed on the PCP website – were also contributors. They made the product better. Read More