Posts Dated Archive: June 2016

Supreme Court does the right thing on race-conscious admissions

I’m relieved and so grateful that the Supreme Court upheld the University of Texas at Austin’s protocol to consider race in admissions decisions. That doesn’t mean race should be the only cogent factor, but for university leaders who want to increase diversity in our schools–and we are among those who do–being able… Read More

The massacre in Orlando

The terrible tragedy at a nightclub in Orlando, Fla., made me feel upset, angry, sad and horrified. I’ve written and spoken many times about how important it is, at this time, in this country, to accept people for who they are and whom they love. I’ve also commented many times… Read More

Cancer drugs: Increasing access and dealing with rising costs

New President’s Cancer Panel series The President’s Cancer Panel (PCP), which I’m privileged to chair, has begun work on a new series, through which we will develop constructive recommendations to address the rising cost of cancer drugs and the concern that many patients may not be able to afford the… Read More