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In response to more violence and hatred

Do we turn inward to retreat or say ‘Enough’? Over the weekend, in reaction to the awful events of the past week, a woman I know well, an immigrant to the U.S. and now a citizen, asked me, “What is wrong with your country?” She was being facetious, because it… Read More

Transgender is not a binary issue

Why does the administration want to make it one? After I finished my MPH program, I worked in Detroit at Wayne State University School of Medicine for two years. Wayne State was a center of excellence for people seeking sex reassignment surgery. I audited a fascinating course on issues around transgender surgery, taught by a physician… Read More

I voted. Hope you will too.

Early voting must stay I voted early. That way, whatever happens, it’s done. I cannot imagine not voting. It’s not something we should take for granted, especially as the world is experiencing a drift from democratic principles. Whoever you vote for, please vote. Some people say they didn’t vote in an election because there were no good candidates to choose from or the… Read More

Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court

Time to vote and not to despair Over the past couple weeks, I have had the privilege of talking with many people about the qualifications of Brett Kavanaugh to be Supreme Court justice. These included Republicans and Democrats, several people who knew and had practiced law, students, faculty, family members… Read More

Authentic conversations about adverse childhood experiences

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) – defined as abuse, neglect and family/household challenges experienced during the first 18 years of life — are not evenly distributed among populations. Members of minority groups and children who grow up in poverty have more of them. ACEs can cast long shadows over lives and… Read More