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Scrutiny of Chinese American scientists in US research institutions reflects lack of judgment

Targeting cancer researchers is wrong For a while, we’ve been hearing stories about government inquiries into the actions of some scientists, especially Chinese and Chinese American researchers, amidst concerns that they are threats to United States science and society. Bloomberg Businessweek published an in-depth story on the issues, focused on… Read More

Charlie van der Horst – gone too soon

A remarkable man who made the world a better place Charlie van der Horst, MD, died Friday, June 14, during an ambitious, multi-day swim marathon on the Hudson River in New York. I’ve done one land marathon, but I cannot even imagine swimming 19 miles a day in open water… Read More

Remembering Stonewall Rebellion

50 years ago this month Fifty years may seem like an eternity to many readers whose parents hadn’t even been born then. It was a time when homosexuality was illegal, and discrimination was an inherent part of social structures. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) people were subjected to… Read More