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Kudos to TEDx

Saturday afternoon, I worked in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Auditorium and watched TEDx streaming video of the UNC event taking place in FedEx building. Holden Thorp and the Mipso Trio were wonderfully special, and John Hunter on the World Peace Game was spectacular.  If kids ran the world, it might be a better place. I really liked Joseph DeSimone’s talk, DIVERSITY: A FUNDAMENTAL TENANT OF INNOVATION. He said, “We learned the most from people least like us.” What a powerful statement.

We made it to the closing night of the Rembrandt exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art. What a genius he was. Hundreds of people were milling around, looking at the paintings of a man who lived in the 17th century!

Wish I’d been there

Wish I’d attended ScienceOnline 2012! My sister Sara was so energized by what she’d experienced there. Blogs like this one by Ed Yong,  have more readers than most newspapers today. Also check out Karl Bates’ Twitter feed.  I want to learn more about data visualization, how to blog better and lots more topics that were the subject of conversations. Next year, I hope!

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