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World War II and Climate Change Reporting

Bill Moyers argues the similarities In a compelling, cautionary address, reported last week in The Guardian, the distinguished writer and commentator, Bill Moyers, 84, drew a parallel between journalists’ roles in covering the approach of World War II and climate change today. To a gathering of journalists, Moyers said: “In… Read More

In the aftermath of destruction

One year after Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico, Florence strikes the Carolinas Comprehending the death toll in Puerto Rico Sept. 20 was the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria, which struck Puerto Rico as a powerful Category 4 storm and has left thousands of people still without power or with only… Read More

Now what? Almost a week after the election…

It’s been almost a week since the election, and we’ve barely talked about anything else. That’s appropriate. There’s been a seismic shift in America, and its impact is only beginning to be felt and experienced. Many people are thrilled, and others are devastated. Public health skews to the left so… Read More