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Our Environment

My brother-in-law, Carl Glassman, visited over the weekend. It was great to catch up with him. He stopped by the School, and I walked him around. As we walked and talked, I got a new appreciation for just how much our facilities have improved over the last sepic4veral years. When I first arrived here, the halls felt a little like a high school. Now, it’s completely different. Read More

Saving Houston air: Help from Chapel Hill scientists

Good science from bad air I was delighted by Richard Harris’s coverage of our air quality research last week on National Public Radio (NPR). It was the kind of in-depth, interesting and accurate reporting that makes NPR such a great resource for informing citizens. The animation that accompanied it is… Read More

Storm Sandy and the public’s health

Preparedness at risk nationally At the same time that a devastating Hurricane Sandy roiled the northeastern and mid-Atlantic states, the U.S. government is planning to scale back even further on funds for preparedness. After Sept. 11, 2001, it was clear that the U.S was inadequately prepared for a variety of… Read More

Communicating sense

Share President, Chancellor and employees communicate On University Day, Chancellor Holden Thorp and President Ross reflected on the University, its challenges, future and opportunities. They gave us reason to be proud and hopeful in spite of this economy. Jackie Overton represented the Employee Forum. She gave a rousing talk that… Read More