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President Trump’s executive order on refugees

Below is an updated version of a message sent Jan. 30 to the Gillings Community in response to President Trump’s executive order. We also held a reflection session for our students, faculty and staff to provide a no-judgment space for reflection, discussion and solidarity. To the Gillings School community –… Read More

Violence and uncertainty

Assault on Paris reverberates Friday night, as Paris was rocked with unimaginable violence, many of us were transported back to those horrible moments of terror in this country on September 11th not so many years ago. Having lived in Washington, D.C., then, I know what it is to feel unsafe… Read More

Rachel’s blog about Nepal

A Peace Corps trainee writes from Kathmandu Flash: As we were about to publish this post, we learned that the Peace Corps is bringing Rachel’s group of trainees back from Nepal. As public health… Read More