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Improving public health in North Carolina and around the world

Eliminating neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) A little more than 100 years ago, North Carolinians were plagued by hookworm, one of a group of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that affect more than one billion people annually worldwide. In the early 1900s, sanitation was poor, as it is still today for billions… Read More

Health, safety of people in conflict zones must be protected

Loyalty matters, in word and deed CNN recently featured a compelling story in the form of an open letter to Kurdish soldiers from the grateful wife of an active-duty American Special Operations soldier first deployed to the Middle East in 2003. She wrote about the profound impact of the help… Read More

Can’t stop thinking about the children

Consequences of maltreatment at the border are immediate, severe and long-lasting I woke up about 3 o’clock Sunday morning. I just could not stop thinking about what our government is doing to immigrant children at the southern U.S. border. According to a recent interview with Jack Shonkoff, professor at Harvard… Read More

Scrutiny of Chinese American scientists in US research institutions reflects lack of judgment

Targeting cancer researchers is wrong For a while, we’ve been hearing stories about government inquiries into the actions of some scientists, especially Chinese and Chinese American researchers, amidst concerns that they are threats to United States science and society. Bloomberg Businessweek published an in-depth story on the issues, focused on… Read More

Decrying anti-Semitism and all violence motivated by hate

Six months to the day after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and on the last day of Passover, a horrific shooting at Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego on Saturday has us again grieving the senseless loss of precious life, terrible injuries and untold trauma. We condemn the anti-Semitism at… Read More