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Carrboro, NC, Mayor Proclaims Transgender Day of Remembrance

I have the privilege of serving on North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s Commission on Inclusion with a remarkable group of people committed to equity and inclusive excellence. One of those people is Lydia Lavelle, JD, mayor of Carrboro, a town that exemplifies inclusive excellence. Today, she and the Town of… Read More

Support the free press

We can’t take it for granted The New York Times on Sept. 23 carried the text of a speech by publisher A. G. Sulzberger, given at Brown University, titled, “The Growing Threat to Journalism Around the World.” He documented how, in multiple countries, journalists are being threatened, harassed, thrown in… Read More

Evidence: A critical basis for policy making…really

Effective government employees and advisors who rely on facts and data should not be ignored Over the past 40 years, great advances have been made in developing the knowledge base about how to assess evidence. Opinion is not evidence. The disregard and even contempt for evidence as a basis for… Read More