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An inauguration and a march

Inauguration Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20. He used his inauguration speech to inform our citizens and other countries that from now on, he plans to put  “America first.” Doing this, he says, will require that “Every decision on trade, on… Read More

Cancer drugs: Increasing access and dealing with rising costs

New President’s Cancer Panel series The President’s Cancer Panel (PCP), which I’m privileged to chair, has begun work on a new series, through which we will develop constructive recommendations to address the rising cost of cancer drugs and the concern that many patients may not be able to afford the… Read More

Supreme Court says ‘yes’

Health care and gay marriage I am so thrilled that the Supreme Court said “yes” to marriage equity and Affordable Care Act subsidies. Marriage equity is absolutely the right thing, and polls of the public have shown that, although there are regional and religious differences, the majority of Americans approve… Read More

Not just another day in America

Inauguration Day I’ve become skeptical of many politicians and know enough about Washington not to be enthralled by Washington or its politics. But I was awed and inspired by the second inauguration of President Obama. It is a day that I am proud to be an American, proud that on… Read More

Sigh of relief on health reform and getting rid of stuff

Sigh of relief What a relief that the mandate provision within health reform was upheld by the Supreme Court. The fact that it was upheld as a tax and not under commerce wasn’t ideal. But it beats the alternatives. The decision restores some of my confidence in the Supreme Court…. Read More