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Congratulations Winter Graduates!

Commencement speeches invoke service and action Since becoming dean in 2005, I have participated in many commencements. All were different, and I loved them all, especially those for the Gillings School. UNC-Chapel Hill’s spring commencements are big, boisterous, exuberant affairs. Winter commencements are more intimate, if that can be said… Read More

Happy Three Zeros Day

What’s three zeros? Net zero water usage, zero waste to landfills and net zero greenhouse gas emissions are UNC-Chapel Hill’s three sustainability goals for an integrated approach to reducing its environmental footprint. As described on the web page for the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative: “Implementing the Three Zeros goals will… Read More

Support the free press

We can’t take it for granted The New York Times on Sept. 23 carried the text of a speech by publisher A. G. Sulzberger, given at Brown University, titled, “The Growing Threat to Journalism Around the World.” He documented how, in multiple countries, journalists are being threatened, harassed, thrown in… Read More

New academic year, great new students, same global challenges

New academic year, new concentrations The Gillings School has some of the greatest public health students anywhere. I love meeting our students during the first week of classes, when they are new and ready for the public health adventure. Last year, we launched new integrated, problem-focused core courses. Students from… Read More

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination and Harassment

    Our association steps forward I’m proud that our Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) has a new policy that states that we have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. As the organization that represents academic public health, our commitment to zero tolerance is important. It… Read More