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Responding to Anti-Semitism

Postscript to blogpost below: On Friday, April 12, we learned about a video from a musical performance at a three-day “Conflict over Gaza” conference held on campus in March 2019.  We co-sponsored the conference, just as we co-sponsor many campus conferences for which we are not responsible (i.e., don’t participate in… Read More

Guns and threats of violence have no place on this campus

Outrage over disturbing incidents is justified On two of the past three weekends, members of pro-Confederacy groups have visited our campus to continue to protest the toppling and removal of the Confederate soldier monument. I did not write after the first incident because one event, although deplorable, could be an… Read More

Disposition of a statue

December 14, 2018 The statement below reflects my personal opinions and does not represent the position of the Gillings School of Global Public Health or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is longer than most of my Monday Morning posts – the topic is complex. First, I… Read More

Gratitude for Gillings Public Health

Thanksgiving 2018 In this message, I share observations from our annual World of Difference event, held November 8. The World of Difference dinner is our thank you to donors who generously support students, faculty… Read More

Speaking up; being heard

Kavanaugh hearings So much has been said and written about the special session in the Senate last week that was part of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. It was to be a time during which senators, their staffs and the public would hear from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about her alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh when both were in high school. Both would make statements and respond to questions from a… Read More