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President Obama visited Hiroshima: it was time

The President’s visit President Obama visited Hiroshima, Japan, today. Here is a transcript of his speech. It was the right thing to do. No previous sitting U.S. president had visited the site where the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on Aug. 6, 1945, devastating the city. It’s almost… Read More

Enigmas of the modern workplace

Weekend reading illuminates Over the weekend, I read two seemingly disparate articles. One, from the Sunday New York Times, focuses on the toxic work world. The other, in the Korn Ferry Institute’s Briefings magazine, posits that transformational leadership requires new behaviors and new ways of achieving work/life balance, the Sisyphean… Read More

Jesse Milan on leadership

Milan’s article in Baltimore Sun Jesse Milan Jr. is an expert on leadership, a leader in the AIDS community and celebrated for his work to control AIDS. He’s a member of our School’s Advisory Council and a thoughtful adviser on race, health disparities and related issues. Following the death of… Read More