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New academic year, great new students, same global challenges

New academic year, new concentrations The Gillings School has some of the greatest public health students anywhere. I love meeting our students during the first week of classes, when they are new and ready for the public health adventure. Last year, we launched new integrated, problem-focused core courses. Students from… Read More

Finding one’s purpose

UNC commencement speaker Jonathan Reckford addressed our deepest selves Jonathan Reckford, MBA, CEO of Habitat for Humanity, was UNC-Chapel Hill’s commencement speaker Sunday, May 12. A 1984 UNC alumnus, he shared his personal journey to where he is today. Like so many other accomplished people, he has had his share… Read More

Yes, you can change the world!

Yes, you can, and those words are not out-of-date! At the Gillings School’s 79th commencement, Richard Besser, MD, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, former acting director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and award-winning former chief health and medical editor for ABC News,… Read More

A shout-out for public health

It’s National Public Health Week Our students are doing fabulous things this week. Each day they have focused on different populations (e.g., mothers and children), places (rural health) and issues. I had a great… Read More