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Amazing moment in solidarity

37th (!!!) annual Gillings School Minority Health Conference Our students did it again: they surpassed all previous records of attendance and participation for the 37th annual Minority Health Conference. More than 800 people participated in person at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, with nearly 2,000 more virtual participants at three… Read More

Civility as campaigns heat up

Iowa tonight and onward to a strange election cycle It seems as though there’s been a Presidential campaign since Barack Obama was re-elected, and that’s way too long. Other countries don’t allow their campaigns to go on like we do, and we should not either. Nevertheless, I am reminded of… Read More

The gun epidemic

New York Times and APHA agree: It is time On Saturday, Dec. 5, editors of the New York Times did something they have done only a few times previously; the last time was in 1920. They published an editorial, titled “The Gun Epidemic,” on the front page. In doing so,… Read More