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Celebrating those who work

Many amazing people Every day, and especially Labor Day, I’m aware of how privileged I am to have worked in outstanding organizations with fabulous people. Among those places have been the National Cancer Institute and, now, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — the Gillings School. What excites me… Read More

Welcome 2016

Check out the latest Carolina Public Health magazine and our SPH News Archives for the latest Gillings news. Below are selected highlights from the last six months. Click on the images throughout this post for more information. Happy new year! Our School continues to be a major leader in practice… Read More

Asking for a level playing field

A stirring video A headline in the Chronicle of Higher Education caught my eye. I read the story and clicked the link to a YouTube video created in 2013 by Sy Stokes, when he was a junior at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Stokes dramatically and powerfully… Read More

There still are women’s issues

Better but not yet equal Over the weekend, candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties weighed in on gender issues. As a public employee, I do not engage in partisan politics. I want our School to be a civil place where people can articulate many points of view—civilly. That… Read More

Intense fireworks and bland fruit

A spectacular celebration On July 4th, my husband, Bernard, and I went to Kenan Stadium to see the fireworks sponsored by the Town of Chapel Hill, and it was a lot of fun. The large, happy crowd was amazingly diverse–a veritable melting pot of age, race and ethnicity. We reveled… Read More