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On the front lines of public health

Taking a PHield trip to Orange County Last Friday, Anna Schenck, PhD, the School’s associate dean for Practice and director of its Public Health Leadership Program (PHLP) and North Carolina Institute for Public Health (NCIPH), took about 40 of our public health students to visit the Orange County Health Department… Read More

Let’s hear it for the staff!

It isn’t fair or right It is not fair, and it is not right that the staff and faculty who work for the state of North Carolina are not getting raises for yet another year—another year too many in my opinion. I feel particularly badly about the staff (especially those… Read More

Advice for people who want to be successful

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and BSPH Student Courtney Sanford Spring and fall are good times of the year for academic advice—beginnings and endings. On the same day last week, I read Bloomberg Shares a Few Secrets  to Success in the New York Times and Courtney Sanford’s advice about internships, reprinted on our… Read More

Carolina, the movie set

Welcome back!!!!!!!! As I was driving onto campus this afternoon, I suddenly had the feeling of being on a movie set. Last weekend, Franklin Street had the air of a ghost town. But yesterday afternoon, as I drove down Franklin Street, it was as if a town had sprung up… Read More

Buzz about NC

People are talking Everywhere I go, people ask me what’s happening in North Carolina. People outside the state – at least a lot of the people with whom I talk – are startled that this state  –  always progressive in public health, a national leader – seems to be looking… Read More