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Leaning in

Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In I’m reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. A colleague lent it to me or I might not have read it so quickly. (Thanks Julie!) Sandberg talks about ways in which cultural expectations of women, women’s attitudes toward risk,… Read More

Bugs vs. Drugs: Local and Global

  This morning, I welcomed participants to the second day of the One Medicine Symposium, “Bugs vs. Drugs,” which focused on the origins and impacts of antimicrobial resistance on human and animal health. In the last week we’ve had several discussions about our School’s roles in global public health and… Read More

Faculty member Bob Millikan dies

Share Tragic loss Faculty member Bob Millikan passed away October 7. His death was sudden, although it followed an illness of several years. Many of us were stunned, shocked and deeply saddened. We were overcome with a great sense of loss. Full obituary: Robert Millikan, cancer researcher, gentle colleague, dies… Read More

I voted today: election special

I voted today. Please vote as soon as you are able. It’s great that we have the early voting option in N.C. and many other states. Almost no wait, choice of dates and locations – what a deal! No matter which candidates you support for President and other important offices, please… Read More

Channeling Dean Smith

Writing as a Way of Life Today, most people in professional jobs are writers. We are writers, whether we define ourselves that way or not. Writing is at the heart of communication — oral, print and electronic. If we can’t write, we don’t come across well in talks, manuscripts, memos,… Read More