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Student again

Signed up for Coursera I decided the only way to learn about MOOCs and new methods of teaching and learning on the Internet is to take an online course. So I signed up (and got my husband to sign up also) for History of the Internet, taught by Charles Severance,… Read More

Leading schools of public health

Last week, deans of schools of public health came together for our annual summer retreat. I really value these meetings. A number of deans have become not just colleagues but friends, and I miss deans who leave their leadership roles. While we compete in some ways, such as rankings, we… Read More

Can’t we just cool off!

Enough of this heat! Enough already! We’re all sick of this heat. It’s gross and disgusting. We’re lucky in N.C. to have power after what’s happened in so many other places. Day after day of 100 degrees is getting on everyone’s nerves. Cooling off needed on ACA, too I wish… Read More

Big week ahead

I’m tense thinking about the forthcoming decision from Supreme Court on Thursday about the Affordable Care Act. Like many people, especially those in public health, I was elated when health reform finally made it through Congress after years of false starts and bad finishes. It isn’t perfect, but it has potential… Read More

Postscript to loss

After posting the blog about my (our) mother’s passing in May, I’ve been moved by the stories people have shared with me about losing their own parents. General consensus of readers: Leaders should talk about their own transformational experiences, even personal ones, when their stories have universal applicability. Losing a… Read More