Celebrating people who make a difference

World of Difference dinner Thursday night

Thursday night was our fourth World of Difference dinner to celebrate our most generous donors. It was a wonderful evening. As I told the 200 people there—each year as I speak to the group, I realize that more of them have become friends and people of whom I am truly fond. Giving in the last few years has been a stretch even for many people with a lot of resources so we treasure our donors. As the state’s share of our budget has decreased (and will again!), our donors become more and more important to us! DG Martin was a wonderful emcee—what a great voice! I was especially moved by the students we asked to speak. Each had a compelling personal story as they expressed gratitude for scholarships that enabled them to attend our School. Jenny Brown talked about being the daughter of a drug-addicted mother, raised by the parents who adopted her. Her own experience is the motivation behind her commitment to public health. I feel so fortunate to be part of a field that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. It’s a privilege.

It was a very long day but an inspiring one! Happy Monday! Barbara

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