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Every day, and especially Labor Day, I’m aware of how privileged I am to have worked in outstanding organizations with fabulous people. Among those places have been the National Cancer Institute and, now, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — the Gillings School. What excites me about the people with whom I work every day are their professionalism, their commitment to excellence, our students and one another, and their willingness to step up and say “How can I help?” rather than,“That’s not my job,” as many people often say, unfortunately.

I see people who may have enormous burdens outside their work lives — grandparents raising their grandchildren, single parents committed to assuring that their children thrive, children dealing with their parents’ illnesses, and people facing their own and partners’ life-threatening illnesses. In spite of these challenges and the too-small raises our non-faculty state staff have received over the years, the overwhelming majority of the people in our School and those with whom I have worked across the University are committed to doing their best every day. Although we do everything possible to create and sustain an environment that is welcoming and inclusive, safe, satisfying, and enjoyable, with opportunities for growth, and in a culture of health, still, I wish that we could provide a level of financial reward we are unable to offer. To everyone who works at the Gillings School and UNC-Chapel Hill, thank you!

The views expressed in this blog are Barbara Rimer’s alone and do not represent the views and policies of The University of North Carolina or the Gillings School of Global Public Health.

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