Dynamic colleagues, UI flooding, and off to CDC

Dynamic colleagues

I’m so impressed by how multi-faceted many of our faculty, staff and students are. In April, our home page highlighted the athletic prowess of Environmental Sciences and Engineering students and faculty who completed the Boston Marathon. Many of our faculty, staff and students bike considerable distances to work – and anyone who’s biked around here understands that we earned the name Chapel HILL!

Musical talents in the School of Public Health are awesome as well. I’ll mention only a few of many examples. Cathy Melvin plays dulcimer, along with former Senior Associate Dean Ernie Schoenfeld. Michael Kosorok, who has a master’s in music as well as a PhD in statistics, composed a piece for his daughter’s high school. Mike McQuown plays in Freylach Time! The Klezmer Dance Band. Will Vizuete hosts a Sunday afternoon jazz show called Jazz Incognito. Kathryn Johnson is in a local band called Schooner. Kathy Barboriak and Laura Linnan sing with the Chapel Hill Community Chorus. I saw Laura Sunday and she mentioned that tomorrow she’s off to tour Italy with the chorus. Happy travels and please don’t decide to leave us for the Met!

The School of Public Health is full of fascinating people who are accomplished on many levels, and I’m proud to call them colleagues. In the coming months, we’ll find more ways to showcase their non-academic talents. Let us know if you have ideas.

University of Iowa flooding

Our thoughts are with our colleagues at the University of Iowa and the citizens of Iowa. The scale of flooding seems almost inconceivable, and the economic, social and personal dislocation are vast. I spoke with Jim Merchant, the dean of the School of Public Health at Iowa, last week, and he conveyed an optimistic determination to forge ahead, but wow, this is tough to deal with. It’s frightening to think that these horrible floods could become more frequent and more intense as a consequence of global warming.

Off to CDC

I’m off to the CDC this week where I co-chair the Task Force on Community Preventive Services. As I’ve said before, there’s probably no better way to stay on top of multiple literatures than to be part of evidence review teams. While the Task Force requires a lot of work, I really believe in the mission.

It’s great to have a break in the weather. After torrential winds and rain yesterday evening, the air is cool and pleasant. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Happy Monday!

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