Gillings’ singing statisticians

6-26-2014 5-54-26 PMCheck out this video! Our students wrote and produced a very cool statistical love song. Now, that’s not normal, is it? But surely, it is well within the confidence limit for statisticians. And I’m certain it is significant! I love how talented our students are. If you like this one, share it, tweet it, like it and enjoy it.

Dickens likes daylilies.

Since it’s summer, I thought readers might like to see how well our daylilies are doing (photo at left). Our black Labrador, Dickens, likes them a lot.

Tessa welcomes guests.

Then, there’s Tessa, the very properly attired canine who’s loved by two wonderful friends of the School, Dr. Robert Verhalen and Phyllis Verhalen, who hosted a 75th-anniversary event at their lovely home in McLean, Va., last weekend.

It’s summer. Hope you get some R&R. Barbara



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