Great new students arrive in Chapel Hill!

Photos by Jennie Saia.

On Aug. 22, we welcomed our new students to Chapel Hill! It was a beautiful Carolina day, with a hint of fall in the air and a lot less summer.

Charletta Sims Evans, MEd, and Rameses Jr.

Because our auditorium is being remodeled, we had new-student orientation in our atrium, with students on all three levels. I thought it was great, and we got a lot of positive feedback.

Members of our Office of Student Affairs, audiovisual services and facilities staff members, and student services managers were awesome in preparing, and our student leaders, Kristin Voltzke and April Aviles, were outstanding. Our assistant dean for student affairs, Charletta Sims Evans, is always wonderful.

There was a lot of energy in the room, a lot of anticipation and, naturally, some nervousness. I appreciate the butterflies some new students feel as they approach the challenges ahead. I remember being concerned that I would not be able to keep up in graduate school, so I remind students that we admitted them because we know they have the right stuff to succeed. I also encourage students to find help when they need it. This is such a supportive environment, and we all are committed to students’ success.

We’re off and running!


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