Holiday blog—wishing you all great holidays

09_dec_comm_0168.jpgSaturday was a beautiful, crisp winter day in Chapel Hill, with just a hint of the light snow from the day before.

09_dec_comm_0129a.gifSunday was winter commencement – always fun to see the joy the event brings students and their family and friends. It was great to see public health students among the crowd. Lisa Carey, MD, gave a terrific commencement speech. She singled out JoAnne Earp’s and colleagues work in eastern North Carolina that reduced disparities in mammography use among white and black women there.

Monday, we met with Delton Atkinson, PhD, one of our Bios alumni; his son graduated from UNC yesterday Congratulations to all December graduates!

It’s been a very good year; it’s been an awful year, and next year has to be better: more next week. A great Christmas present would be health reform that gives all Americans the assurance that that none among us would be denied health, because they lack insurance. It’s looking better, but there are no sure things where Congress is concerned.

Best wishes for safe, happy, and most of all, healthy holidays. Happy Monday. Best, Barbara

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