I voted today: election special

I voted today. Please vote as soon as you are able. It’s great that we have the early voting option in N.C. and many other states. Almost no wait, choice of dates and locations – what a deal!

No matter which candidates you support for President and other important offices, please vote.

People over the world have fought or are fighting for the right to vote. Some people say it doesn’t matter or that the candidates are so poor that there is no point in voting.

This is a really significant election, and we are going to live with the consequences of it for years to come. Love, like or tolerate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? It may not be around in a couple years if you don’t support the President. Hate the idea of government intervention to provide health care to millions who lack it? Want to kill the ACA?  Then, show your preference at the polls.

The two candidates are miles apart on health care and many important issues. The results of the election could change much about the future direction for this country. We all have a stake in the outcome. Please vote.







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