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Our diversity and inclusion orientation

Saturday, we continued our tradition of holding a diversity orientation session for students. We define diversity broadly, including, of course, race/ethnicity, gender and age but also sexual orientation, religious preferences, politics and other characteristics of people. It’s the melting pot of differences that make us interesting as people and allow us to understand the many populations that people in public health serve. Charletta Sims-Evans, our Assistant Dean for Students, and her team did an excellent job. I was very pleased that Terri Phoenix, PhD, Josmell Perez, M.A. and Roy Charles, MEd, represented various campus services.



Student leaders, Professor Bryan Weiner and a number of other faculty participated. We reinforced the message that we are an inclusive and diverse School, but that we’re working to get even better.

Charletta asked each student to say what drew them to our SPH. It was so interesting to listen to their reasons. They add up to what’s special about the School. I listened to each student, wrote down what they said and created a Wordle to represent all these perspectives.

Another school year begins. Welcome to our new students and all our returning faculty, staff and students. Hope it’s a good one! Happy Monday.


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