Learning from dental students

Saturday, I attended the Student National Dental Association Fall Impressions Program at the School of Dentistry (SOD). Rear Admiral Denise Canton, Assistant Surgeon General and Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office, spoke about Oral Health in America: Disparities and Solutions. It was an impressive program aimed at attracting diverse students to the SOD. Supporting diversity must include attending events like this one to learn from them and stand with them. Rear Admiral Canton and colleagues who attended with her commented upon the excellent oral public health dentistry program at UNC, a collaboration of the schools of public health and dentistry. Oral health is a big problem in North Carolina. (See a PDF of a recent N.C. Medical Journal.) Like a lot of health problems, it hits minorities and poor people hardest. We can do better.

I love the fall weather. It’s a great season. Happy belated Monday. Barbara


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