Reflections on recent tragedies; consider attending events

[Following is the text of a letter sent via email to the Gillings School community on Friday, September 23.]       Dear Gillings students, staff and faculty, I want to encourage us all to reflect on the difficult time in which we are living and what each of us can do,… Read More

Dear Candidates Clinton and Trump:

I remember campaigns when presidential candidates exhorted us to do better and come together as Americans to make the country and its people better, to help people in need – to heal the sick, educate the young, care for the old and bring economic prosperity and health to those who… Read More

Public health lost two of our own last week

Dr. Harrison Spencer — a very effective leader Harrison Spencer died last week. He was a peaceful, soft-spoken and kind man, felled by violence. A couple weeks ago, we were all together for the annual retreat of deans and program directors who are members of the Association of Schools and… Read More